How to pick a unique brand name for your business

Some facts and figures

It has been seen that brides who are established professionally, usually continue using their original names. This is largely due to the fact that they do not want to become a ghost and kill their professional career in the process due to non-availability at the right time and right place.

Out of this number, most are using their husband’s name, few are using hyphenated names while a minuscule number are completely using a new create unique brand name; both for themselves and their partners.

So the crux of all this when we consider social presence is that whenever you finalize to legally change your name, building your portfolio online via re-branding methods is key. This will not only be helpful on the personal front but will also prove your seriousness with regard to professional life.

How to re-brand socially?

1. The change needs to be announced

If you finally decide to legally change your name, remember to make this thing explicit. Blast emails to all your contacts and make them aware about this switch. If you don’t do this, only people in close contact will be aware about this change and the world outside this circle will remain in dark.

2. Be ready to expect misunderstandings

This condition is more prominent for individuals who change names just because they want to do so. They are not divorced or are not getting married and even then they want to get their name changed. This might confuse their contacts and create misunderstandings.

3. Change name everywhere at one go

Every individual these days has social and professional profiles across the internet. Ensure that all these profiles are updated at one go as this may not confuse contacts.

How to legally change name?

Well, this is the real question. However, even here the internet and digital boom will come to your rescue. There are many online agencies involved in the process of legally changing your name. You just need to find these agencies and fill simple forms present on their website. They will then take over and complete the process to legally change your name for you. Though a small fee is charged, it will save you from the tedious paperwork.

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