Diamonds are a common choice when couples are choosing their engagement rings. Though there are several options, like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, diamonds have been the most common among generations. But, have you ever thought why it must be diamonds all the time? Well, here are the reasons that have made diamond engagement rings the evergreen choice for all ages.

How Diamond Engagement Rings Turned into a Tradition

Before we delve into further reasons, here is a little throwback. It was 1477 when the diamond engagement rings turned into a tradition. Mary of Burgundy put on a diamond ring to announce her marriage to the Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Since then, diamonds have been in trend to showcase love, togetherness, and commitment.
Now, the reasons that you must know before picking a diamond ring.

Diamonds have Amazing Durability and Longevity

One of the key factors why round diamond engagement rings are always on top is their durability. You will be thrilled to know that diamonds are the hardest stones on earth that occur through a natural process. Thanks to the process that makes diamonds are scratch resistant. You can wear them all the time, and diamonds remain for life. On the contrary, sapphires and emeralds are prone to cracks and scratches. So, you can never wear them for an engagement ring.

Diamonds have Symbolism 

Getting engaged to a person is a big decision in life. So, making the moments special forever is so much needed, just like the vows you share; the charm of diamonds never fades out. Diamonds are always meaningful. It is not just about the durability or longevity of diamonds. The meaning of a piece of diamond is so deep. Proposing to your partner with a diamond ring signifies that both of you will be together through every thick and thin of life. The durability of diamonds also symbolises the lifelong journey a couple is about to begin.

Diamonds are Timeless

While choosing a diamond ring for engagement, trust certified stores like Hatton Garden Jewellery. Diamonds are timeless, and they never go out of trend. These precious stones are elegant and make you look beautiful. A piece of diamond on an engagement ring brings out classic vibes. Even for people have different choices, diamond is a versatile choice. Whether you choose the round, emerald cut, or any other shape for your engagement ring, nothing can compete with the beauty of a diamond.

Round diamonds are one of the most common choices among diamond lovers for an engagement ring. It is not just big but also reflects light more than any other cut. So the way round diamonds reflect is beautiful. Probably, that’s why diamonds are nurtured with care.

Final Words

Diamonds are precious investments, and you must go for the finest ones. The price of a diamond varies on the cut, carat, clarity, and size. Gain a little knowledge about diamonds before you choose your engagement ring. May you find all the happiness on earth with your partner and keep loving each other forever.

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